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Fanfiction is important. Wynonna Earp fanfic helps us survive the hiatus between seasons, and the wait between Fridays. Join us Mondays as we take a deep dive into the wonderful and varied world of Wynonna Earp Fanfiction!


We'll discuss popular titles. Provide reviews and recommendations. And even interview authors. It's going to be #amazeballs


The Earp Fiction Addiction podcast. Discussing (almost) all things Wynonna Earp Fanfiction related. Episodes Post Every Monday! 

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Sep 16, 2019

This week DW and Delayne rock out to some righteous tunes as they chat about fics where our faves are in bands!


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Under Your Sky by gooseclaws

Are We Electric? by brunetteandblond


Episode Artwork by Chantal Zeegers


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Sep 9, 2019

This week DW and Delayne salute our service members with a look at Military AUs!


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Your Past Will Find You by LoneWolfWriter


Death Before Dishonor by DJH1950


'In Search of a Family' by LostMuse (aka HaughtDoc)


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Episode Artwork by Chantal...

Sep 2, 2019

This Week DW and Delayne explore the world of fake dating AU's!


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For Better or Worse by Whatawks


Dance with the devil by darcy81


Episode Artwork by Chantal Zeegers


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Darcy81's Desert Island Fic Selection: Find a Home, Lonely Heart by...

Aug 26, 2019

This week DW and Delayne pop some popcorn and settle into a double-feature of movie-inspired AU fics!


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Proposal on Detours by Charles_Z_Earp


My Ex-Ex (Except Gay) by DeputyyDipshit


Episode artwork by Chantal Zeegers


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DeputyyDipshit’s Desert...

Aug 19, 2019

This week on the show DW and Delayne get sex-positive as they discuss the opus-work 'The Grind' by odaatlover!


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The Grind by odaatlover


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Episode Artwork by Chantal Zeegers


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